Extend Protection Up Vehicle Walls

When you need a 100% waterproof, impenetrable barrier to lock out humidity and protect against chemical spills, extend PermaLiner™ up the vehicle walls.

Chemical spills cause corrosion on unprotected walls and floors. Cleaning those spills with water risks even further damage. With PermaLiner, you avoid corrosion, manage spills and protect the value and appearance of your truck.

Many industries will benefit from PermaLiner floor and wall protection, including:
• Pressure washing rigs • Landscapers • HVAC
• Spray equipment rigs • Concession stands • Utility companies
• Water removal companies • Plumbers • Municipalities
• Chemical transport • Electricians • Painters
• Arborists • Contractors • Drywallers
• Fire/Water restoration companies


Among Companies That Utilize PermaLiner:
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