Application Process Over Wood Floor


The steps below demonstrate PPC professionally installing a spray-on floor liner, from creating a perfect surface to the application of PermaLinerâ„¢ protection.


1. We use specialized sanding equipment to prepare the surface.
2. Next, we apply a special compound to fill cracks, screw holes and gouges. Unlike common crack fillers, this material has elongation properties and will not become rigid or brittle. As a result, it will flex with the truck frame for years.
2a. Filling crevices and imperfections ensures a uniform surface. This step is omitted by most commercial applicators.
3. We sand the floor a second time until the surface is perfectly smooth and even.
4. We then apply the PermaLiner product. Like our specialized crack filler, the coating retains its flexibility for the life of the truck.
The result? A floor that repels chemicals, prevents slipping or falls, is incredibly tough, and is easy to clean.step-5