What Is Polyurea Spray-On Coating?

For more than 25 years, polyurea has been used in industrial applications such as pipe and pipeline coatings and linings, water treatment plants, manhole and sewer linings, and bridges.


  • Is extraordinarily tough, 20 times stronger than epoxy.
  • Repels corrosive chemicals, including battery acid, salt, and oil.
  • Retains 98% more flexibility than epoxy, allowing for natural substrate movement. It will not crack or peel.
  • Reduces risk of employees slipping or falling on walking surfaces. Polyurea can be textured to promote sure footing and reduce injuries and liability.

Polyurea will bond to most substrates, including concrete, metal and wood. It sets up quickly, so you and your men get back to work sooner.

A spray-on polyurea coating consists of two components. During application, they combine in the spray gun and trigger an immediate chemical reaction that permanently bonds to the surface. Polyurea is tack-free within seconds and cures within minutes.

The Premium Protective Coatings application process combines high heat and high pressure, heating both components to 150°F and applying them at a 1:1 ratio under no less than 1800 pounds of pressure. The high heat and intense pressure allow for a larger spray pattern, creating a perfectly textured finish. The molecular bond formed by heat and pressure produces a protective coating that is superior to a cold, low-pressure system still used by some commercial applicators.