Spray-on Bed Liners

Premium Protective Coatings PermaLiner™ spray-on bed liner will permanently bond to your truck bed. PermaLiner is an extraordinarily tough, impact and abrasion resistant liner. Our liner will create a 100% watertight seal, keeping out air and moisture preventing rust and corrosion.

With a Premium Protective Coatings sprayed-on bed liner you get:

  • A calm, quiet ride with reduced road noise and rattling that will come with drop in liners
  • An environmentally friendly coating containing no VOC's (Volatile organic compounds)
  • A lifetime guarantee
  • Added value to your truck

Spray-On Bed Liner Pricing

All bed sizes over 6’6” $675.00
Bed sizes under 6’6” $525.00

Over the rail $95.00
DuPont UV Gloss Coat $125.00
Colored Liner $225.00
Anti-Skid aggregate added in texture No Charge